Martin Family from Magdeburg to Frome

Introduction to My MARTIN Family

This website is devoted to the MARTIN family which originally settled in Frome, Somersetshire, ENGLAND in 1815.

 My ancestry thus far begins with ggg grandfather Charles William MARTIN (Y-DNA Haplogroup Q-CTS1780/Q-Z780/Q-YP1109) a 'man of colour’ possibly of African or Native American descent born in Magdeburg, Prussia (upper Germany) c1784. Charles is said to have spoken several languages fluently and was a bit of a musician.Charles joined the British navy around 1802 on his arrival from France. He married (as a widower) Priscilla SHERKEY in 1813 and settled in England’s west country following his discharge from the navy in 1815.  


Charles Alfred MARTIN (1824-1913) moved to London in the 1840s and many of his  descendants are yet to be found perhaps residing in the capital or neighbouring counties of Middlesex and Surrey.


Looking to trace my earlier origins which are currently said, on basis of Y-DNA markers, to be Native American (source: FTDNA).